Ponderings on “Insomnia” by Stephen King

In all honesty, it may not be this book’s fault I disliked it so much. I picked it up because King made mention to it in his book on writing, and it happened to already be sitting on my bookshelf. I’m pretty certain he said it was one of the worst books he’d ever written. Wether that’s true, or just in my head as something he said, I’m not too sure.

I am sure it is an accurate statement. I may have come to that conclusion because he said it. Or I may believe he said it so I don’t feel guilty about coming to that conclusion. Either way, it took me about three months to finish this book. I actually had to force myself through it. That simply does not happen, with King & me.

If you’re in the mood to follow a couple of senior citizens accompanied by three Devine munchkins through an Alice style acid trip, by all means, read this book. If that is not the vibe you’re going for, you may want to choose one of his much better adventures.

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