Ponderings on “Stephanie” the Film

Click here for photo’s original site and movie information. Film enjoyed from Netflix


I love this films decision to begin with a small child’s feeling that reaching her hand into an uncovered – yet running and jammed – blender would be a swell idea. Shortly following is her discovery of her ability to swear without consequence. Then the film takes a strange bit of a turn.

“I made you some hot chocolate,” is one of those quotes that gives ya the heebeegeebies after experiencing lines like, “look at the flowers.” Then we head on a bit of a SciFi twist, which if you’re like me and don’t prefer those kinds of turns this movie may not be for you. That, and the long drug out spans of nothing riddled throughout the film.

However, if brutality against small children is your thing, dive right in. Personally, I love films that make children out to be the mysterious little demons they actually are. If you happen to check this film out, let me know what ya think!

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