What the Hell Is This

These posts are all random and sporadic. About the only thing you can actually count on is that they will be accompanied by a photo I’ve taken myself and with which I am completely in love. The written content will be fictional short stories, random thoughts & opinions about anything & everything, the occasional writing prompt, and travel experiences.

I began a blog two years ago when I decided to get serious about becoming a writer. Since then, I’ve written and shared several short stories. I’ve posted a few book reviews and some travel articles on places I’ve found particularly enjoyably. I have also been promoted at the real job which has caused a few dilemmas for me.

Long story short, two years of blog work and social media networking all had to come down. While I work to finish my book, my name has to stay off the internet. About three months after internet isolation I realized how much my website had been assisting in the development of my book and its characters. I need the socialization!

After a month of contemplating and strategizing, RamblingNomad.Life was born. Wandering Writer has always existed within me, and I’m working my damndest to set her free. This blog is a platform for her as she climbs her way above ground. I can’t get fired for authoring this site because no one knows who I am. 

Wandering Writer is her own person. She answers to Laura Ingred Elizabeth and she loves to travel. She loves to express her opinion and complain about stupid things about which she has no right to bitch. She also loves to write horror stories and fake journal entries about murder. 

I sincerely hope you will enjoy tagging along with us on our journey through this life we are living. We will be much more open once the book is published and I no longer need that real job with it’s rules and regulations. Until then, she gets to have all the fun. But, she’s super excited to take all of us along with her. We hope you enjoy!

Feel free to follow us on twitter. There is also a link on our twitter page if you’d like to buy us a coffee and help support our growth and evolution into the creative machine we are destined to become. Following us and sharing your thoughts on our posts are equally supportive and help more than you will ever understand.

7 thoughts on “What the Hell Is This

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